Comprehensive Coverage Solutions by Central Insurance Companies

A Legacy of Protection: Central Insurance Companies

Founded as Central Mutual Insurance Company, Central Insurance has grown into a reputable provider of insurance policies, with a network of regional offices across the United States. These offices serve a diverse clientele, offering localized expertise and services.

Regional Offices and Their Coverage Areas

  • Central Regional Office in Van Wert, Ohio, serving Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Ie, and Kentucky.
  • Northeast Regional Office in Waltham, Massachusetts, covering Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.
  • Southeast Regional Office in Alpharetta, Georgia, for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.
  • Southwest Regional Office in Irving, Texas, catering to Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The Independent Agent Advantage

Central Insurance stands out by utilizing independent agents, who act in the best interest of the customer, rather than being tied to any single insurance provider. This approach allows for a more competitive and comprehensive coverage offering, as agents are not incentivized by commissions from the insurance company. The fee for an independent agent’s services is separate from the policy cost and is negotiable directly with the customer.

Tailored Insurance Products

Central Insurance offers three primary categories of insurance products, each with its own set of endorsements and optional extras to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Homeowners Policy Options

Central Insurance provides three tiers of homeowners insurance packages:


  • Central’s Homeowners Policy: This basic policy covers property losses, medical payments, personal liability, and additional structures like garages or sheds.
  • Central’s Plus Ten Endorsement: Enhancing the basic policy, this endorsement adds ten additional coverages, including food spoilage, missing credit/debit card liability, debris removal, and more.
  • Summit Homeowners Policy: The most comprehensive package, offering all benefits from the previous tiers plus additional coverages and higher limits, such as $10,000 for missing diamond engagement rings and property replacement that exceeds policy limits.

Specialized policies for condo owners, renters, and r

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