How to overcome Addiction without Biblical introspection

In the past several years the program has suffered a great deal of scrutiny in regards to its religious formatting, and even though it has desperately attempted to escape this labeling, for all intent and purposes that’s what it is! However, the religious aspect is not what makes successful, and in fact I believe it to be a detriment to the program. So, what has made this program more successful than most of the other treatment options? I believe that the success of this program is largely due to the spiritual aspect. In many regards the choice of addictive behavior is a falling from spirit, in the sense that addictive behavior is of a self centered, self serving attitude, e spirituality encourages a sense of connectedness and being of service to others. Most individuals that have chosen to partake in addictive behavior do so at the expense of others, and they do it with one thing and only one thing in mind; the need to mask the pain of their emotional issues. Making a connection with spirit allows the addicted person to view things in a greater perspective and allows them to understand that one person’s actions affect the many. Therefore, I do view spirituality as being an important component to recovery but, spirituality is very difficult to pursue if you have not uncovered and confronted the root cause of the addiction.


The practice of spirituality encompasses a great deal of self reflection and mindfulness, which ultimately leads to a more symbolic view of the world as a whole. Remember, the individual suffering from addiction only views one world, their own! When it comes to approaching spirituality from the perspective of prayer, consider the fact that traditional prayer will not accomplish this goal. Going through the motions of reciting traditional prayer without changing your deeply engrained, self limiting, subconscious beliefs will result in failure. What is engrained in your subconscious mind is much more powerful than the words that you speak! In order to gain the understanding of the world as a whole, you must achieve self reflection and inner peace by quieting the mind.

So, where does religion fit in to the recovery picture? Well, in my view it doesn’t! That’s right, it doesn’t. Not only does it not fit in but, I view it to be a detriment to full recovery! So, let’s examine what the actually true intent and purpose of religion is, and how it stacks up against the probable outcome of pursuing the incorrect or misguided practice of it. The word religion is derived from the Latin word Religare, which means to restrain or bind. So, is the main function to restrain individuals from personal self reflection and bind them to a religious doctrine, or is it a methodology of teaching a personal connection to God? I believe that the main objective of any religion should be to assist people in making a personal connection to the divine or higher power. Unfortunately, that is not always what occurs one hundred percent of the time!

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